Jas Rao came into the world via a white building known as a ‘hospital’. Along with Frodo Baggins (from ‘Lord Of The Rings’), Jas was born in the Shires of Middle England. Well, erm, actually he was born in Leicester, but that’s in Leicester(shire) and kinda in the middle of England. Since then he’s become very nomadic, moving about between Suffolk, Essex, London and Birmingham.

The whole radio thing began for Jas in Year 10 at school. The dreaded teachers didn’t want a school radio station, but after loud shouting, high pitched screaming and kung-fu kicking, they let Jas do a lunchtime radio show on one condition: it was pre-recorded (because he has a tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, especially about teachers!). So off he went, recording his first show, playing it out on a Monday lunchtime. The teachers said ‘that’s great, now chop it’, so it was pulled after just one day. But being full of drive and ambition, Jas didn’t let that stop him...

Since then, his journey has included a BA (Hons) in Media Studies specialising in radio, and bags of experience from places like BBC Radio Leicester, Radio 5 Live and Capital FM.

The big break for Jas came in 2003, when he joined Yaar Radio. Within months, he swiftly progressed to Club Asia 963 and 972 AM. He quickly established himself as one of the most popular presenters on Club Asia with primetime slots including a few years on both the Drivetime and Breakfast show, as well as the Chart Show.

During his time at Club Asia, he was nominated for The Arqiva/Skillset Commercial Radio Presentation Newcomer of the Year Award 2005, a first for an Asian presenter at a mainstream awards ceremony, and also went onto win the Thames Gateway Award for Young Achiever of the Year for his contribution to the Asian community through radio.

In 2007, after four hugely successful years at Club Asia, Jas took the step up to the BBC Asian Network, where he added to his experience and talents by presenting The Phone-In Show, Love Bollywood and a year stint on the Breakfast Show (2008) and the Drive Show (2009).

That’s the radio side of things, and I know you might be thinking now, ‘didn’t I see that guy on TV the other day?’ Yes you did, because 2009 saw Jas add a TV show to his successful radio career. He was the face of the massive show, ‘The Hit Store’ on Brit Asia TV, a unique music show featuring some of the biggest artists in the Asian music scene, including Jassi Sidhu, Jaz Dhami and Panjabi By Nature, and was bizarrely set in a shop, another demonstration of Jas’s creativity.

Jas also featured on a report on the Leicester Comedy Festival for BBC 1’s Inside Out Report in the East Midlands earlier this year. Expect to see him more on your box soon! Not actually on your box, because he’d be in your house then, just basically more on the telly.

Other Career Highlights...

Jas Rao is also a vibrant event host and club and wedding DJ. He’s hosted many melas, charity events and fashion shows up and down the country, including the huge London Mela, which this year attracted over 80,000 people. As for the DJing, you might catch him at a club, a bar or even at your best mates wedding.

Is that everything? Oh no, one more thing! Jas is one of the voices behind the South Asian programming for the German airline Lufthansa and presents a show which plays the best in new and classic Bollywood music.

Phew! That’s everything, for now at least! Wha ha ha ha haaaa!!!